Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Titusville - Boat problems

Sailboats rule - at least on A dock
This morning I woke up then Nana and I went on a walk, Hoolie came with us. It was a tiny bit hot when the sun was coming up, I saw the banana tree and there is bananas but they are green still. When we went back to the boat Hoolie was tired so was I, after that I took a nice cool shower. Then we had breakfast and I did my school work, am on page 274 in my book, I love how you really get a picture in your head of what is happening. I did my usual work and was done after lunch, It actually started to drizzle a little bit. I cooled down in the AC and then went up to curl the ropes, it was raining a tiny bit harder when I curled them up it, but it was so refreshing after the heat. I played with Hoolie in my bed, he is really funny because he likes to roll around in my sleep in bag. I watched TV and then it was time to take Hoolie to the dog park, we haven't been taking him because it has been so hot. There was a small dog there that was cute, and another dog they started to play a little bit. I don't think the other people knew about dog play so they left fairly soon. There was another beautiful black in white dog, it had short fur and was pretty. Then we left when the black dog left, it was really fun seeing new dogs that were so much fun to see romp around. We went back to the boat and I watched some more TV and now am talking to you. we are having.... wait am going to leave different this time, ok try this again, so long my valued reader will meet again bye. Sarah

One tired dog after 30 minutes of a dead run
Things happen on a boat. It's in salt water 9 months of the year and things are not like at home. Today was pump out day and I could not loosen the screw in top to the deck fitting, how exciting... So I enlisted help with a Vice Grip and even a length of pipe to get additional leverage, no dice. I started to churn through the aluminum fitting instead of turning it. I've now ordered another fitting from Beneteau that's due to arrive Friday, just in time for a pump out on Saturday - you've got to pay attention to these things...

The main office and cruisers' captain's room faces the water - not great but adequate
As I was walking to the marina store to get some distilled water I heard a woman muttering about a leak in the fresh water pump. As I said, things happen on a boat, especially older boats. A salt environment is harish on components and things fail that would never fail on dry land. It's all part of boating so you need a contingency fund if you intend on spending a lot of time in salt water.
On Thursday we get a care package from home, all our mail for the past month is due tomorrow morning, we hope. As usual, the marina will serve as a post office to both receive mail and to send it. They accept USPS, UPS and FedEx, no problem. It's a lot better than trudging down to the nearest post office for general delivery. Looking forward to Friday and having a car. 


Paperbird said...

Had the same problem with a deck fill cap. Try PB Blaster. Worked great for us.

Thanks for your detailed comments on AC. We used them enroute northward last spring and are a couple weeks behind you heading south this fall. Love to read Sarah's story!