Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dinner Key at Miami - we rent a car

Notice the steep slope down to the ocean
It's always fun to rent a car in a new area to explore the surroundings. So I called Enterprise for a car this morning, not too expensive at $30/day plus taxes. We're in the Coconut Grove area of Miami, an area of shops and restaurants but we found a Barnes and Noble for stacking up on reading material for the rest of the trip home.

Relaxing beach area at Miami Beach
We thought it would be interesting to see Miami beach since we've heard so much about it on several police shows based in Miami. One thing we noticed about the beach is how steep it is. There's a big pile of sand along the hotels and such but then there's a huge drop down to the ocean, not the gradual slope typical of Daytona Beach, for example. It looks rather odd. The spring breakers haven't gotten down this far yet even though it was a warm day. I think the spring break crowd starts in earnest next week for the entire month of March.

On Friday we'll drop the mooring and head over to Marine Stadium for a few days to wait for a weather window. The anchorage has the great advantage of being very reasonable in price (zero dollars/day) and has a convenient beach for Hoolie relief that's much closer than the dinghy dock at Dinner Key. It also has an unbeatable view of Miami at night, spectacular.


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