Thursday, February 7, 2013

Key West Galleries

A must see in Key West
With the rental car we have new found mobility. So today we explored the art galleries on the lower end of Duval Steet. The most famous one is Wyland Gallery. He does murals all over the world, you can see some of these works here. He does sculptures as well as paintings and to see them in person is stunning. Be sure to stop by his gallery on Duval Street if you're ever in Key West. Further up the street are several more galleries with some interesting paintings and Ann enjoyed talking to the artists since she's been painting both watercolors and pastels for the past 45 years. She's taken many photos on our trip that I'm sure will wind up in paintings later on. One thing I most enjoy about our home are the many fine paintings that hang on the walls. It's like living in an art gallery.

Nice to just sit back and watch the world go by
We were going to go out Rt 1 and shop at Publix supermarket but they are working on Rt 1 and only have the in bound lines open. The backup to get on Rt 1 was miles long! So we detoured back to our boat and just enjoyed watching the harbor for the rest of the afternoon. We heard that one guy on the dock over had his brand new dinghy stolen complete with his new motor. He was quite distraught. The marina advertises 24 hour video camera coverage but apparently it wasn't working when the dinghy was stolen. We have our dinghy cabled to the boat with a lock and also a lock on the outboard. So far, so good.

BO's Fish Wagon is not very big, the "stage" is usually a table when a band is not playing
I took Hoolie out for his night time walk and noticed another crowd around BO's Fish Wagon. They had a band playing and there wasn't an empty seat in the house!