Saturday, February 2, 2013

Library book sale, walk down Duval St, night at the dock

Willie T's on Duval Street
That's dollar bills stapled to the roof of Willie T's
Every February that we've been here the Key West Library had a book sale this month so naturally we had to attend. Ann found five books for $4, cheaper than any of the digital versions on here Kindle. You can freely trade, buy, sell or just give away printed  books but heaven forbid you try to do the same thing with digital download versions! I can understand the publishers wanting their fair same of proceeds but it ought to be at least equivalent to buying a printed copy - but it's not. Some publishers will allow you to loan a digital book for 14 days at most, most will not. At any rate, Ann is fixed now with reading material.

The weather has warmed up and the wind has died down, it's only at 5 kts now at 8:00 pm, much nicer than the 20 to 30 kts predicted! She has totally recovered from the fall in the parking lot on the way down in early January and she's gotten over her cold with the cough (5 weeks!) However, the antibiotic side effect of attacking her Achilles tendon is still a problem. There have been cases where the Achilles tendon has completely let go, requiring surgery to reattached and a lengthy recovery period. So if the doctor prescribes an antibiotic be sure to ask about the side effects, especially if it one of the Fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Ann's taking it easy but she's frustrated that she doesn't dare exercise too vigorously, just slow walking. 

At rest, at night, calm - but we can still hear Schooner Wharf, nice
We finally got cable installed yesterday so I'll have a front row seat at the Super Bowl on my 32 inch LED LCD flat panel TV, all the comforts of home (why not?)