Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tavernier - at a dock

Lots of plantings, palm trees - nicely landscaped

More boat work today. After four weeks in Key West with daily trips on and off the boat, the top deck showed the results of all the traffic. It was time to wash the boat. So while I worked on the boat, Ann did the wash (how exciting it that!) and we both completed our tasks by 3:30 or so. Clearly, cruising is not all carefree sailing, there's maintenance to be done. After all, it's our house for the better part of a year, roughly 9 months in all.

There's a large boat basin behind the docked boats - a self-propelled sailboat is in the view
We've been looking around for a different place to spend the winter months down in the Keys. Key West has been good but this year the allergies have hit Ann very hard and we're looking for a different experience next year. The place we're at now caters to long term tenants and even a two month stay is considered short - they would rather have the cruiser that stays Oct through May instead of two months around February, the exact high season for them. We're looking at options, we'll see what we want to do later this year. If we did get a slip here, we would certainly rent a car for the duration. There's nothing in walking distance but then the rent is much, much cheaper than Key West ($15/ft vs $44/ft for a month).

The winds are predicted to be light on Wednesday and we're headed to Dinner Key for a few days. We've never been there but it's close to Miami and we've never explored the city so we thought we'd rent a car and see the attractions. All this is predicated on making the high tide time at Caesars Creek which we ought to be able to do, then it's up  Biscayne Bay to Dinner Key.