Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Fitchetts arrive!

Bill and Sharman Fitchett (Sharman of the "Sharman rating" for cleaning boats)
Nice view - top of Schooner Wharf
Bill and Sharman Fitchett arrived today, friends from the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club. As you may remember from past blogs, whenever I clean Fleetwing I rate my performance in Sharman units. Nobody but Sharman Fitchett can ever get a ten. At the very best I can sometimes get up to a 5 or 6 and that's giving me the benefit of the doubt. Sharman is the master at boat preparation. They're down here for two days so they now have a large list of "things they must do". On top of the list is bar hopping tonight after a dinner at Schooner Wharf on the roof level tables. For once the wind finally calmed down and it was very comfortable to just sit out at night. Even with no wind there were no insects, a very nice side benefit of Key West. On Wednesday night we're having a meeting of PYC south with the McKeevers joining us for a table for six at Blue Heaven.

Bill's new boat...

The wind right now is only blowing 2 kts, perfect for a summer evening with the temperature at 72. A huge fishing boat docked right behind us today. It's on the way to Miami for the boat show there, hoping to sell it. We saw one of the crew lounging on the back of the boat, we both agreed that life is good! He was having a great time - what's not to like in Key West this time of the year?

Not a Mallory Square sunset - but still nice
Bill and Sharman are off on their bikes to enjoy the great Key West pastime of bar hopping. First on the list after Schooner Wharf is the old Sloppy Joe's (about 200 ft from the new Sloppy Joe's), then it's south to the Green Parrot  then it's up Duval street to whatever bar looks interesting winding up at the Hog's Breath Saloon. Ought to be fun. If they are in any kind of shape after that, they'll pick us up tomorrow night for dinner a Blue Heaven.