Friday, February 1, 2013

Mehaffeys leave, we see Barry Cuda

Appropriate name for a boat
The high winds continued all night long but we were well tied in, no problem other than wind in the rigging. We quickly readjusted to life with only two aboard and just chilled out for most of the day. We gained a very large ship between us and the sun across the dock. On the one hand it blocks our view of the setting sun but on the other hand it shields us from the heat late in the day. We were toasty with the enclosure and just relaxed.

Barry is playing the piano at BO's Fish Wagon - note the rustic interior
Barry Cuda was playing at BO's Fish Wagon and so we wandered over there around 7:30 after putting Hoolie to bed. Barry Cuda plays the piano and he had two others to help out with drums and a bass violin. Barry does the singing and the songs are right for the age group that come out to listen, you can guess the type of music he plays - but it is very lively.

Here's a better view of the restaurant audience
We finally got cable installed at the dock, $25/month for basic and $30 for the installation which only consisted of a 5 min hookup with cabling already in place on the docks. Now we're all set for Super Sunday. At least the marina has free WiFi. I bought a repeater router (Alfa R36) that can have an amp attached (Alfa AWUS036H) that extends the range to at least a mile. The combination of the two then transmits a WiFi signal that can be used by my Lenovo laptop, the Apple iPad2 and the iPhone 5 - all at the same time using the same sign on password for the WiFi service - plus the signal is much stronger (faster downloads) than with each computer using its own WiFi capability provided they can even connect with the weaker signal.  Using WiFi saves costly bandwidth doled out by Verizon which is fast (23Mbps last night) but costly for large downloads and program updates.