Friday, February 8, 2013

We ride, we eat, we drink , we're entertained

One of the many murals by Wyland - this one is by our marina
We did more exploring of Key West and adjacent Stock Island today. The locals don't think much of the "improvement project" to Rt 1 coming into Key West. It's close to outgoing traffic (take the detour) and the delays are reaching historic proportions. It's referred to as the "green diaper" project (not because it's a "green" environmental project - the other green). Once they "improve" the outgoing lanes, then they have to work on the incoming lanes! Basically it's just too many cars. Ever since I rented a car for the week, I've found parking to be difficult - to say the least. The basic rate is $2/hour if you can find a spot. They use the European method of having a centrally located meter that accepts cash and credit cards which results in a printed receipt that you put on the dash of your car. The meter maids have been compared to zombies that roam the streets at all hours of the day and night - eager to catch the unwary the second the clock ticks beyond the ticket expiration time. It is still possible to find a free parking spot but your last name has to be McKeever to find them. If you can't find either a $2/hour spot or a free McKeever spot, then look forward to paying $15 to $30 for an all day parking spot (with no in and outs for the day!)

The Paul Cotton band, all for the price of a LandShark - which I've grown quite fond of, for a beer
For those familiar with Key West, the first supermarket on the bus route used to be Albertson's but they've been replaced by a superior store in the same location, Publix, a great improvement. We retreated to the boat after our bout with traffic and took at look at the Paul Cotton band at Schooner Wharf. There were only a few chairs (no tables) off in one corner so at least we had a seat, the place was packed this warm summer evening. After enjoying the band for an hour we wandered off to BO's Fish Wagon to listen to Barry Cuda for awhile. We had to stand outside, no tables were available but we could hear the music well. Barry plays the piano and he always has accompanying musicians that I think he picks up on the way - they seem to vary every time I see him.

On Saturday it's off for Ann to have her hair done at 1:00. With the clientele in Key West, it ought to be easy to find a good stylist.