Saturday, February 16, 2013

This is a quiz

You're at the airport, what's the charge to reach zone 1?
I took my rental car back to the airport and was going to take the bus  back to the marina when I saw this sign on the side of a taxi (see photo). Now, the quiz part of the blog is for you to figure out what the fare would be from  the airport to the marina (the marina is in zone 1) for one person, not a group rate. The answer will be at the end of the blog.

Which hot sauce did you want to use?  If you look carefully, you'll see Endorphin Rush there too. 
Meanwhile, the winds arrived right on time, a steady 25 kts with gusts to 31 kts. I pity the poor souls out in the anchorage, either on a hook or a mooring. The mooring field is protected from all but north winds - one guess where the 30 kts winds are coming from. Getting a  dog into shore in those winds and waves is at least not fun and at worse dangerous, especially for the evening run in the dark.

This place is NOT fancy but the service is good and the BBQ better. 
Well, we're secure in the harbor and although we can feel the wind, there's no wave action and the dock is only a step away. We tried a BBQ place tonight, thought we'd try a change from our usual seafood courses. It turns out the chef is from Maine and is famous in that area for his BBQ, Daddy Bones BBQ. The place is certainly worthwhile once you're looking for a change from sea fare and the BBQ can hold its own against any competition.

Tonight we expect a rocky berth but we don't mind. The wind is supposed to blow itself out by the time the kids arrive Monday afternoon, then we'll have a week of youth infusion, always good for grandparents!.  BTW, the answer is $18 after the tip for the trip from the airport to the marina. The fare that applies is the meter, not $8 which I was told was a group rate, not exactly clear on that in the sign.


philb said...

Have to admit I failed the test!