Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goodbye Key West

BO's Fish Wagon eating area - no walls, some roof - gravel floor - pure Key West
The Gods of Weather have decreed that we leave for Marathon on Sunday instead of our planned departure date of Tuesday. If there is anything we've learned from our three trips down the ICW, not to mention the three summers in Maine previously, it's not to argue with Mother Nature. We have a weather window to reach Miami in four days with winds mostly out of the south to southwest, a rarity for this area where the prevailing winds are out of the east or northeast - the direct heading for Miami. So we'll push off around 7:00 am to make Marathon with the kids still on board. Ann will drive their car from Key West to Marathon. They plan on spending the night in Miami by the airport to catch an early flight back to cold weather so we have to reach Marathon with enough time for their trip to the airport hotel. The winds are predicted to be calm enough for a smooth ride.

Here's the original "wagon" embedded in the center
The kids went to the beach one more time, they never tire of the beach in such warm weather! Coming back we decided to pay BO's Fish Wagon one more visit. It started out as just that, a food wagon parked on the corner but then the tables, trees and various debris sort of grew up around it. They have tables, chairs but no roof or walls - it's a classic in Key West. Five fish sandwiches, two orders of french fries, conch fritters, shrimp later, we were done sampling BO's.

One last view from the front - it's a very busy place!
On Sunday we're headed east again to Marathon with an early departure time to give Philip leeway in getting to the airport hotel. It's been a good stay but it's time to start heading north again - not too quickly - but north nevertheless.