Friday, March 1, 2013

Miami at Marine Stadium - at anchor

I never tire of the nighttime view of Miami from Marine Stadium
We explored Coconut Grove to our satisfaction and rather than stay on a mooring waiting for a weather window, we decided to motor over to Marine Stadium to spend the waiting time for free. Besides, it's one of our favorite anchorage on the ICW. It's completely protected from all sides, good holding in 7 to 9 ft of water and most importantly for us, Hoolie relief is only a couple hundred of feet away on a deserted breakwater.

There was even a blimp out for a nighttime run
There's nothing here for anyone looking for nighttime entertainment. For us that's part of the attraction, no one else around. We have books to read, boat maintenance to do and Ann has her painting. I also have taxes to do but that's not part of the fun - but necessary. The internet reception through Verizon is great, running about 7 to 9 Mbps so we're connected with the rest of the world.

One of the reasons we like the anchorage is the nighttime view of Miami. We never tire of looking west. During the day there's the various crew clubs that practice in the anchorage. Tonight there were 5 person crew teams competing with a chase boat in pursuit - telling them, I'm sure, of everything they were doing wrong!

As it stands now, it looks like our weather window will be Tuesday to go outside to Ft Lauderdale but that's far in the future for forecasts in general so we'll see. Meanwhile, I've got books I want to catch up on and Ann has her painting to do, actually in pastels.

PS, for those interested, the nighttime shots were taken standing on the bow of the boat as it bobbed up and down. The camera I use (Canon 310HS) has a night scene handheld mode which causes the camera to shoot a burst mode of photos. Each photo individually would not be bright enough to use but the camera stitches them together based on key features being the same in all the photos - to produce one composite that's not only bright enough but also sharper than you could get from a single, long exposure photo - at least when standing on a moving platform (the bow) Amazing what technology can do nowadays.