Friday, February 22, 2013

Ft Zachary Beach

The liner appears to be scraping by the beach - but he's out in the channel, just looks close
We were due to take a kayak tour of the mangroves but reality had other plans. I took Ann to the urgent care center for treatment for a  bad cold after a trip to the Ft Zachary Beach to deposit the kids for a day in the surf. We know the way for sure to the Truman Medical Center. Ann now has a nebulizer for emergency treatment when breathing becomes constricted. When you anchor out in the middle of nowhere at times, you have to be as self-contained as possible.

We always loaded Matthew up for carrying
The medical center is operated as a first come, first served so it took about two hours before we were seen by a doctor. Then it was a return to the beach to close out the day. The kids had a  boundless supply of energy but the adults were exhausted by the end of the day.

The beach is by the channel out of Key West which the huge liners take and it looks a little imposing to see one of the super-liners leaving with the appearance of being so close to the beach (see photo). Neverthelesss, all was well and the liner disappeared in the distance. We may yet go kayaking on Saturday, depends on the weather. Looking at grib, it appears that we have a window for easting starting Sunday, two days earlier than we had planned but you don't argue with the weather. If the prediction holds, we'll reach the Marine Stadium at Miami by Wednesay.