Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yet another beach

Here's the "from" point
After our experience with Smathers Beach, we wanted a beach that you didn't sink into when entering the water. Our experience with Ft Zachary Beach was more positive in this respect but then it's a little pebbly. There's sand at the water, that's good, but there's patches of pebbles on the way to the water. Still, it's better than Smathers Beach.

Here's the "to" point
On the way to the car we noticed the progress in beautification of the Key West Bight area. They are renovating a nearby resort and were about to cut down dozens of palm trees, some many years old. The town said why not give them to us and we'll plant them around the area instead of buying new trees. What a great idea everyone agreed. So for the next few weeks there are street closures as they move huge palm trees from the property to be renovated to other locations around town.

When looking at the root system that goes with the transplanted palm trees, one wonders how they will ever survive - but then they must have done this before. As a matter of fact, I don't ever remember seeing a palm tree blown over?! They seem to bend but not uproot and fall over. So after a few weeks, the place ought to look different.

On Friday we'll take a kayak guided tour through mangrove and see the area from a different perspective.