Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eye in the sky

The faint white spot near the middle of the photo is "Fat Albert"
On the way back from the McKeevfer's RV park we passed by a big Naval station. Overhead was "Fat Albert", a tethered helium blimp with embedded radar to track drug traffickers coming into the lower Keys. It can be viewed for miles. There was an article in the Miami newspaper that it was being deflated due to budget cuts. The drug traffickers must be elated. The lower Keys was once a hot bed of incoming drug shipments, perhaps it will start up again with the budget cuts, too bad.

Yep, pelicans roost in mangroves!
We also settled once again the pressing question: "Where do pelicans go when they're not flying?" Well, they roost in the mangroves! It seems odd to see such an ungainly creature up in the branches of mangroves.

We've been getting the boat ready for the invasion from the north (our kids from Connecticut) due to arrive Monday afternoon. With a party of five due to come aboard, we'll have a full house for a week. I'll be fun.