Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marathon - at a mooring

At Marathon on the way north
It's a rare day when the wind isn't blowing like stink out of the east so when we saw the weather forecast for light winds we leaped on the forecast for going east. Last year we were not so lucky and had to beat into 15 to 20 kt winds to reach Miami, not a lot of fun. Today the ocean was like a lake, smooth and calm for easting. The kids went with us to Marathon where they departed and went on to Miami for the night so they would be ready for the 7:30 am flight on Monday morning. Back to snow and cold weather no doubt. As for Marathon, it looks deserted. There's lots of boats but not in the numbers we're used to seeing here. Wonder what's happening?

Meanwhile, the weather here continues to be rather hot, even more so than desirable. We'll continue our trek east during the relatively calm conditions and layover in Miami for awhile to rest up for the trip north along the ICW.