Thursday, February 14, 2013

BO Fish Wagon and the storm comes

Always flowers in bloom!
The McKeevers are heading north to be with their new grandchild but wanted to make one last round of Key West tonight. So we got a call to join them at BO's Fish Wagon one more time. Of course we immediately dropped everything and headed over. A band was playing that we had not heard before, The Magnolia Cajun Band. Key West is one of the few places (only place I know) where you can get up close and personal with a wide variety of bands from all over the country. We liked the music so much that we bought their CD.

We were only about 5 ft away, good music
Then we hurried to the boat to beat the line storm we could see coming in the NOAA radar scans. Since most of the local bars have no roofs, many people were scurrying like us! We didn't expect the winds that came, they topped out at 37 kts and are still blowing a steady 20 to 25 kts right now. However, we are well tied up, rocking somewhat but secure. The two pilings at the boat's aft section keep us under control without touching either one. It will be a noisy night with the wind howling. The winds are due to increase over the next couple of days, topping out on Sunday as cold air rushes south. The high Sunday is only due to reach 63! After that the temperatures recover to the high 70's again, such is Key West.