Monday, February 11, 2013

Schooners and Ships

Winters in Key West, summers in Maine - what a life
The harbor here is home to four schooners that go out three times a day, at least. You can always tell when they're leaving by the one long blast (for attention) followed by three shorter blasts to indicate a backing out maneuver as required by Coast Guard regulations. The Appledore spends the summer in Maine and the winters in Key West, what a great schedule!

For $35 you get all the beer you can drink - we've seen ambulances meet the boat upon its return!
In addition to the schooners, there are multiple "party boats" that go out for a sail with free booze (after paying the boarding fee) along with many snorkeling boats, one dive boat and many flats fishermen. And, or course, there are all the deep sea fishing boats for charter spread all around the harbor. Add in the constant goings and comings of the moored boats with their dinghies, it's quite an active harbor. It makes for an interesting day just sitting on the back of the boat watching all the activity.

Schooner Wharf at 7:00 pm, it's still daylight down here (dark at home) Look ma, no roof!
I took Hoolie out tonight and took one last turn by Schooner Wharf and took a photo with daytime lighting so you can see just how open to the heavens the place is. There was a band hard at work in the 7:00 time slot and the place was rocking, as usual.

For now it's back to the boat to rest up for Mardi Gras at McKeever's RV park.