Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunch at the Hogfish Bar & Grill

How about engraved swordfish swords?!
There is a channel available over Roku that covers Key West exclusively, it runs continuously. You can get the channel over the internet or, more conveniently, over Roku for display on your HDTV. Creatively, it's called KEY TV. They do reviews of many Key West restaurants and generally cover things to do in the area. By the way, the Roku player connects to the internet (wirelessly or via a CAT 5 cable from your house internet router) and now has over 100 channels of streaming content with the usual Netflix and Amazon Prime but also many other lesser known channels, worthwhile for the price - a one time purchase, no monthly fees. Of course some of the content may require a fee such as Netflix but the box itself has no additional charges once bought.

So what's odd about this restaurant (Hogfish Bar & Grill)? Answer: it has a roof! At least it doesn't have walls.
At any rate, one of the restaurants featured was the Hogfish Bar & Grill. It's famous in the area for excellent hogfish sandwiches so of course we had to have one. As a revolt against the large portions down here, we've taken to splitting sandwiches between Ann and I. Even half a sandwich is more than enough for us.

There's life after moving south - Vic and Harela Pagila from Chelsea YC
The occasion was meeting with Vic and Harela Pagila from the Chelsea Yacht Club just down the river from us in New York. Another example of, "It's a small world". They've been in Key West since October and plan on staying a lot longer. They decided to move their boat down here permanently, they like the area so much. The marina they chose is the Key West Harbour Yacht Club. The facility is outstanding and very well protected, I can see why they like it. It's also half the price of where we're staying, the Key West Bight Marina. However, we're still favoring the marina where we're at due to the closeness of old town Key West (Schooner Wharf about 100 ft away, Mallory Square, BO's Fish Wagon, etc.) So, we'll still be here for the time being.


Hudson River to the Keys said...

It was so nice to see you two again. Maybe this summer on the Hudson or we'll be in Key West again from October till June. You'll find us at least once a week at Hogfish