Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fernandina - at a mooring

Not full at Fernandina
It was supposed to be calmer today but it sure didn't feel like it. We didn't get winds above 25 kts but we had everything below that number and coming out of Jekyll Island there's a turn you have to make out in the inlet to avoid the shallows. It's always a little rough and today was no different.

The police boat didn't like you getting too close!
On the way to Fernandina there is a naval station with a degaussing station for submarines (to get rid of stray magnetism that otherwise could be used to track them). We've passed it many times but we've never seen any submarines. Well today we saw one docked with lots of personnel working on it with a guard boat patrolling nearby. With the black paint, I always thought they looked very menacing.

Fernandina is ready for Christmas!
We were surprised at how empty the marina was. It was only about 1/4 full just counting the face dock, the rest was empty. We took a mooring and when I went in to pay I saw the guy ahead of me run up a $1908 bill for fuel! We didn't need fuel yet so it was $20 for the mooring.

Ann is doing no better with her knee, she can't stand on it at all so we're going to see a doctor at our next stop in Jacksonville, the Harbortown Marina.