Saturday, October 13, 2012

Swansboro - At anchor

We just wanted a quiet anchorage - oh, a party!
We were the last ones to leave the anchorage, we just like to take it slow in the morning. As it worked out, we passed almost all of the boats that left ahead of us on the way to Swansboro, NC anyway. So leaving at 9:00, we reached Swansboro by 2:00 pm. Many of the boats kept on going but we were comfortable with our schedule and stopped at 2:00.

If you drag, you'll get a chance to inspect this bridge up close!
The Swansboro anchorage is a place where you have to have faith in your ground tackle. There is a low bridge just to the northeast of the anchorage that will catch your boat if you drag. It's rather intimating for first time boaters who anchor here. However, the holding is good and we've never had a problem. The good thing about the anchorage is the free dinghy dock for Hoolie relief provided by the town. We anchor right by it for quick service.

Lot of these around, why stand on the platform??
As luck would have it, Swansboro was having its annual Mullet Festival - of all things! The place was packed. I don't even know what a mullet is - I've certainly never had one. With that the dinghy dock was full of boats that weren't dinghies but we squeezed in. We're due to be serenaded until 10:30 tonight if they quit on schedule.

On Sunday we're headed for Harbor Village Marina, a place we've never been. Our usual stop at Surf City folded and is out of  business so we found a marina just a little further along. We have to contend with the bridge by Surf City that only opens once per hour, ugh!