Friday, October 12, 2012

Cedar Creek - at anchor

There are shrimp boats in the creek where we're anchored
We were in no great hurry this morning as we only had 31 miles to go, a 4.5 hour run at most. It was perfectly still and we weighed anchor around 9:00 and started south again. The anchorage at the Zeisings is still little used by boaters so I made another entry into Active Captain with the waypoints for entry to make it simpler.

Sitting on the back of the boat - watching the sun go down with a drink in hand - what a life!
I don't know whether we happen to be in the midst of some flotilla headed south or there's really more boats going down the ICW than the last two years. There are 12 boats in the anchorage and in previous years we've only shared it with a couple. However, there's lots of room, the anchorage could handle 50 boats easily. The depth is 6 to 7 ft, no problem for our 4' 9" draft. There is a nearby beach that Hoolie likes which is another requirement for any stop by us on the ICW. The repair on the dinghy with two part adhesive appears to be holding up so I'm hopeful it's finally fixed.

I've added a few more things to consider going south on the Page "ICW - Some Tips". One is how to prevent the occurrence of the "ICW Mustache" on the bow, a fix I just discovered this year and a few additional hints.

On Sunday we're headed to Swansboro for the anchorage there. It's right in front of a low bridge so you'd better have confidence in your ground tackle.