Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pamlico Plantation - Cold and rainy

The Pamlico Plantation Clubhouse
Today was no day to work on the dinghy. It was cold, rainy and humid, all bad things for repairing a dinghy. So I spent most of the day constructing a Page (see at left) containing some ICW tips on things we've learned the past two years going down the ICW. This advice is no great shakes but it may be helpful to some before that tackle the ditch south.

Comes with a pool too
At the Plantation it was a quiet day since I couldn't do anything outside due to the weather (where's the southern warmth??) So we played some bridge and then attended a 6:00 pm Pamlico Plantation get together as guests. They have a very nice clubhouse with a pool and for those interested, there's condos for sale! For us we're happy where we're at, in New York and traveling down the ICW in the winter.

Good social atmosphere
I took Hoolie out to the boat since we didn't trust him in strange surroundings in the Bunches' condo - who knows what mischief he might get into... He's usually quiet when tied out on the boat but tonight he was having none of that! He was afraid of being left on the boat overnight while we enjoyed a nice, warm room with the Bunches and he let us know how he felt about that! Eventually he quieted down and he was happy to see me when I fetched him after the party. As usual, he's quiet when he's with us and doesn't make a sound at night when he sleeps in the same room as us. Nice dog.

If it gets above 70 on Wednesday without rain, I'll try repairing the dinghy while Ann and Liz shop for provisions. Let's hope for good weather.