Monday, October 1, 2012

Hampton - At a dock at Downtown Hampton Public Piers

The marina is on a river and it's an active place for small sailboats - one ran into a docked boat with much shouting...
Well, the day was good for motoring. The winds were less than 10 kts and the waves were less than 1 ft. We never had much luck finding good days for sailing on the Chesapeake during late September or October for the last three years. Perhaps there are better sailing days during the summer or late spring, we just can't find them when we come through on the way to and from Florida. We are now at a dock in Hampton for $1.25/ft and if you stay two days you get the third day free, a pretty good deal we think. The showers are excellent (fully tiled and clean) and they added a washer/dryer last spring along with bikes you can borrow for nearby trips.

The docks are concrete but the fingers are only 1/2 the length of the boat - awkward 
We plan on renting a car on Tuesday to do some provisioning and for odds and ends we need for the trip south. Enterprise is right next door to the marina, very convenient. We got a call from Don and Liz Bunch this afternoon and they're coming aboard on Wednesday to accompany us for the leg of our trip to their dock at the Pamlico Plantation where we'll be their guests for several days. It's fun having friends aboard to share in the experiences of cruising.

Meanwhile, my dinghy Tear Aid repair didn't hold up. Perhaps I didn't get the surfaces clean enough. At any rate, I ordered the two part adhesive repair glue so I'll do the repair the right way this time. I just need a few days without rain since you can't repair with high humidity present per the warning on the adhesive label. We also have to clean out the aft cabin again. It's relatively empty since it's only been a few days since Rudy and Joe left but it still accumulates "stuff" rather rapidly.