Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barefoot Landing - we see a show at Alabama Theater

Nice staging at the Alabama Theater
The Alabama Theater is the largest in attendance in South Carolina and hosts many of he big names in touring bands. Tonight they just had their variety show performance and on a Wednesday night during the off-season I didn't expect a crowd. Well, the place was packed in a Broadway type theater. It was a musical revue with energetic dancing, not bad.

I did water works today on the boat. I installed a new water pump hoping to increase the water pressure on the boat but the new pump didn't do the job. Tomorrow I'll start separating the variables (input constricted or output constricted or manifold clogged, etc.) Somewhere there's a problem, such fun having a boat. Meanwhile, the repair on the dinghy is definitely holding. The two part adhesive for hypalon is the way to go for a permanent repair. After four weeks of tea colored water and constant traveling, there's no ICW mustache - the double application of Fleetwax did the trick!

The lights at night at Barefoot Landing
We plan on celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary with a night out at Greg Norman's Grill next door to our boat. Our anniversary was actually in August but we wanted a more relaxed time for our celebration. So we'll take is easy Thursday and have a good time at Norman's.