Tuesday, October 23, 2012

B & B Seafood - at their dock

A dog, a seafood store with fresh shrimp - what more to ask?

We left Charleston on a rising tide, always a good thing! With a rising tide we went through Elliot Cut with its 4 kt current, no problems, went through Watts Cut with its shoals, no problem, Fenwick Cut a breeze, amazing what 6 ft of tide will do for the nerves! However, after 40 miles we were ready to quit for the day and the B & B Seafood dock presented itself for use. The place is just a seafood outlet, not a restaurant but shrimp boats come into the dock and fresh shrimp is always available. I bought 2 lbs for $7/lb so we had a fresh shrimp dinner tonight! You can't get any fresher than right off the boat!

Our rather basic dock - but at $25/night, a bargain!
The dock here is used as a fueling dock for the shrimp boats but they let transients stay over night for a $25 flat rate fee (not by the foot). Theoretically, there's electricity and water if you want to run the lines about 200 ft which we could from all the extensions we bought when cruising Maine several years ago (kind of raw up there too) but we didn't bother. We'll just live off the batteries tonight and perhaps run the genset some in the morning for coffee.

There is nothing around here, talk about the boonies! But it's a pleasant stay for the night at a mooring ball price and with the fresh shrimp, we're certainly happy with our choice. We are the only transient here at the dock for the night.

On Wednesday we're headed for the Hilton Head Marina, a place we've never been to so we'll give it a once over inspection. The weather continues to be very pleasant with temps in the 70's during the day and low 60's at night, perfect for going down the ICW!


Anonymous said...

Get tourselves tucked in for the week-end! Sandy's coming.......