Saturday, October 6, 2012

Alligator Marina - at a docki

Liz Bunch at the helm, good winds!
We were in no hurry to leave this morning so Ann prepared a full breakfast. Ann called the bridge to tell them of our departure in the future but the bridge started to open immediately. We were still attached to the facedock! I quickly cast off and got the aft line off just before it came taunt and jumped to the boat, just made it.

The wind came up later that day and we sailed for about 3 hours, often hitting over 7 kts! It was the best sail of our cruise so far. The Albemarle was flat today and the wind was constant. We came into the Alligator Marina around 2:00 pm and eased on in. The marina has a history of a shallow entrance. Last year the depth at the entrance was only 5 ft but they've dredged it since then and now it's 7.5 ft.

There were 5 more boats that came in later - still mostly empty
This marina is out in the boonies. There's nothing around but this gas station and a convenience store with a few odds and ends. We get a Christmas card every year from the owner but we've never met her. Nevertheless, it's strategically located for a stop halfway between Elizabeth City and the Pungo River anchorage where we're headed tomorrow.  We're expecting 10 to 15 kt winds out of the north on Sunday which is perfect for going south down the Alligator River (haven't seen any alligators this trip yet).