Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pungo River at Anchor

Hoolie's relief - okay in the daylight, very dark at night
It was stormy on the way to the Pungo River anchorage and when we arrived I couldn't get out on the internet. A front was due to pass through during the night but we were secure and had plenty of room since we were the only boat in the anchorage.

Dark already before taking Hoolie ashore
 It's starting to get dark early now and the trip to the nearby, narrow strip of sand was pitch black! The flashlight was handy but the darkness was deep - just a cone of light surrounded by darkness. Things all of a sudden didn't look familiar. We were looking for a tree that had fell over to the left but couldn't find it in the dark. On top of that, we had just exited Alligator River, a name given to that stretch for some reason - so we were mindful. We stay in the dinghy while Hoolie does his business and Ann plays out the line - not too much, don't want him to get tangled - any movement in the bushes?? We left all lights turned on to give us an easy target for the return trip, glad to get out of there.

We rocked a bit that night but then it settled down but it was a gray morning but at least with enough light to see by this time. On to Washington, NC and Don and Liz's condo on Monday.