Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pamlico Plantation - I fix the dinghy!

Sunset at Pamlico Plantation
It dawned once again overcast and cool in the low 60's. I was hoping for warmer weather to work on the dinghy which needs temps in the 70's at least and humidity at 60% or less. Looking around I discovered a shed under the clubhouse that was big enough to house the dinghy. Don called and asked permission and got a key so Don and I hauled the dinghy to the shed and I went to work.

Haaa, such fun!
First I had to get off the Tear Aid patch which just peeled off but left a residue. I used Toluene to remove the residue which took many applications but eventually did the job. Next you had to abrade the area of the patch with sandpaper to bring up fresh hypalon for adhesion. Then comes mixing the two part adhesive and painting a thin layer on the hypalon and the patch, waiting 15 minutes and repeating once again. Using a heat gun (hair dryer) you then reactivate the adhesive and apply the patch to the dinghy. Next you press down all over the patch with the supplied tool (a thin wheel) to assure good adhesion. This dinghy is then ready to use in 12 hours. Hopefully I did everything right, I'll know Thursday.

A nice presentation for dinner

We celebrated our stay with the Bunches by going out to dinner at The Bank, a new restaurant in Washington, NC. The food was excellent and the surroundings unique. We're off to Zeising's anchorage Thursday.