Monday, October 8, 2012

Pamlico Plantation - at a dock

The Pamlico Plantation Condos
Cold and rainy with high of 60 today. We started out with 15 to 20 kt winds out of the north but luckily the winds were mostly from behind us so they gave us a push. We averages a little over 8 kts heading to the Plantation where Don and Liz Bunch have their condo and a dock waiting for us.

A jacket in early October?! Gotta go south!
My dinghy is still leaking. It will stay inflated for about two days before requiring a re-pump. I intend to do the repair at Don's dock but I can't do that until the weather improves. It needs to be in the 70's without rain (low humidity). I told Don it was not very good hospitality by North Carolina to have such bad weather for our visit (high of 62 today)! This time I wanted to use the two part hypalon adhesive so the repair will be permanent. The Tear Aid and the one part adhesive are not advertised as being permanent. With all the use Hoolie gives the dinghy, we need one that stays inflated!

We're grateful for Don and Liz's hospitality in letting us stay for several days. Long showers, provisioning at a real supermarket, a visit to Lowes and a hardware store are all on the agenda as well as lots of bridge playing. Presently, we plan on moving on Thursday to Zeisings's anchorage per the weather report. Wish we luck with the dinghy repair!