Saturday, October 27, 2012

Savannah - ready to move Sunday

Four Hinckley picnic boats, about $750k each. 
We've been here long enough. The winds did come but not all that much, only in the high teens although we did register one gust to 26 kts but only briefly. What is supposed to happen is cooler air with a high only in the 60's for the next few days, time to move further south! It looks like our home port is going to get the worse of Sandy with even a chance of snow!

Ann snapped a photo of downtown Savannah - a beautiful downtown area
Here the day was devoted to digesting all the stored up mail we received Friday from our son in Connecticut. Lots of bills to pay and even an audit from the IRS! We rightly claimed a deduction for the interest paid on our boat loan but the lending company never reported the interest to the IRS so when they compared notes between my tax forms and what they received from the loan company (nothing), they sent me a bill for the difference. We use a $35 tax audit defense service from a company associated with TurboTax and it's worth every penny. One time earlier the IRS sent me a bill and it turned out that they actually owed me money (the IRS suddenly lost interest and I was transferred to another IRS agent immediately). It took two years to collect from the IRS! The man-hours devoted by the audit protection service was unbelievable (complete with filing for stays with the tax court, they weren't interested in paying, just collecting) and invaluable for someone traveling with limited access to mail. So I just forwarded the IRS letter to them and they worry about interfacing with the IRS, I don't.

Other than that, today was just bill paying day, dull but required duty. On Sunday we will be leaving at 8:00 for the Wahoo Creek anchorage, about 41 nm south of here. We'll have a few shallows to go through but nothing we can't handle, we think. The biggest worry, if any, are the waves left over from Sandy near the inlets we pass by on our route. We don't go out the inlets but we do pass over them. Hopefully we'll be far enough inland so they will not be a problem.