Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jekyll Island - at anchor

Note the shorts! Not cool to be warmly dressed!
The winds howled all day blowing a steady 20 to 25 kts with gusts to 28 kts. Even in our protected anchorage, it was very bouncy taking Hoolie to shore. Even in less than 1000 ft we had whitecaps on the way to Hoolie's dock. The winds didn't start to calm down until 6:00 pm and now it's "only" 12 kts, seems perfectly calm after today's winds.

There's a dock behind us that we use for Hoolie and all day long we saw groups of kids gathering at the dock, lying down on the deck and using nets to gather something we couldn't see. So when I took Hoolie in I asked the teacher and found they are from the University of Georgia doing a field trip to catalog the creatures of the creek. The students were not dressed for the 25 kts winds and 50 degree temps! Of course, Hoolie was thrilled that so many kids came out to meet just him!

Calm now but it was not like this all day - not even any whitecaps now
It appeared that the high winds we've had for the last two days came from the back end of Sandy and they are finally due to subside some on Wednesday and completely on Thursday for a return to normalcy. With that we're ready to resume our southward trek but the crew is in some distress with a bum knee so we're taking it easy. We have to navigate a potentially rough section of the ICW where we go out an inlet in order to take a turn around a shoal area before turning south again. We'll leave early in the morning to take advantage of the winds due to be less early tomorrow.