Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harbortown - in Jacksonville at a dock

We crossed in front after being sure the ship was stationary
The winds have finally abated and the temps have returned to the 70's! Now it's pleasant Florida weather like we've remembered from past trips down the ICW. we past across the St John's River and saw a huge naval vessel attended to by six tugboats! I can only guess that the naval boat was going into dry dock and the tugs were there to help it along. It dwarfed the tugs assigned to herd it.

New this year, 7 new docks just for transients
We entered the Pablo Creek part of the ICW this afternoon and found that the current can top 6.5 kts! We happened to hit it as near slack tide but, wow, that's some current - more than Hell Gate at home. We run at 7.3. kts ourselves but we would look pretty slow at peak current!

The Harbortown marina is one of our favorites. This fall they installed 7 new docks just for transients. The charge is only $1/ft and that includes electricity and water. The docks are brand new floating, concrete docks, everything is first rate, a real bargain. However, they do not have showers or restrooms or laundry facilities. But other advantages are the lack of current and 360 protection from winds, nice.

A view of the condos surrounding the marina 
I rented a car this afternoon so I can get Ann to an urgent care center on Friday morning. The car rental agency was short of cars due to hurricane Sandy. Many people were stranded and needed to rent a car one way which Enterprise normally doesn't do due but they relented during the hurricane emergency. So there's a shortage of rental cars in Florida until they can get all the cars returned. I finally got my car later this afternoon so we're all set for Friday. Ann can't walk at all so we'll see what the doctors can do. Meanwhile it's very pleasant just sitting on the back of the boat in the marina with normal Florida weather. We may be here a few days, depends on what they find out about Ann's knee.