Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hinckley Yacht Services in Savannah - at a dock for Sandy

To an artist, this represents an interesting challenge
Sandy is making ocean passages difficult - impossible for us - but you can bet that somebody is out in it! We didn't want to stay at Hilton Head, too close to the ocean, so we headed further inland to Savannah. We had stayed at Hinckley Yacht Services before when we needed work done on our engine so we were familiar with the marina and it's well protected. This time we don't need any work done, thank goodness, but we do need a dock.

Ready for the storm!  I added the 17 inch ball fenders later and more lines
We studied the wind direction predictions and chose to dock so the bow would be pointed towards the source of the highest winds, northeast. The storm winds are not supposed to peak until Friday night and Saturday, gradually falling off on Sunday. With that we reserved the facedock for three nights and on Friday we're renting a car to do laundry, take Hoolie to an outstanding dog park, explore Savannah in the afternoon and then go out to dinner at Tubby's Tank House. Hinckley is running a special for marina guests where you get a coupon for a free meal when you buy one at full price, two meals for the price of one!

What will tomorrow bring?
Meanwhile, Ann is feeling better. She stopped taking the prescription cough medicine which had a narcotic base, it was making her sick. Hopefully she's getting over it. The rest of the crew is doing fine, especially Hoolie who goes to bed when the sun goes down and sleeps most of the day when we're underway. He ought to be fully rested! Nevertheless, he's fully alert and ready to protect the boat if anyone is foolish enough to come close! Watch out for the attack Brittany...


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