Friday, October 26, 2012

Savannah - at Hinckley's dock waiting for Sandy

One of these guys broke loose during the last storm and came across the river!
With the boat tied up as well as can be, we rented a car today and took Hoolie to a local dog park. He ran and ran and ran until he could run no more! All the dogs seemed to be well behaved, they were all friends. We toured the shops in downtown Savannah for our afternoon outing, keeping an eye to the sky. Nothing much was supposed to happen until late Friday night and Saturday during the day. So with that we decided to have a hurricane party at Tubby's Tank House, a local seafood restaurant that's excellent. We used the coupon from Hinckley to get one dinner free, a good promotion for us. Three other boaters joined us for the party. Part of the fun of cruising is the people you meet along the way. They were total strangers to each other but it was great fun talking about our experiences in boating.

Shopping by the river in Savannah
Meanwhile, we're keeping an eye on the hurricane. It looks pretty certain that it will miss us completely but not so for further up north. However, we are due to get some serious wind tonight and Saturday but then only up to 25 kts at most, mostly less. Our current plan is to continue our trip south on Sunday when the winds abate but along the ICW there are several places where you have to go out an inlet part way to get around shallows and we're concerned  about incoming waves from the back end of Sandy causing problems.  We'll keep looking at the weather and may very well have to sit out some time at anchorages down the line until the seas return to normal so we can cross inlets without a problem. I also have the webcams active at the house so I can see what happens there (snow?)

Saturday is a layover day, time to go through our accumulated mail which I just picked up at the marina (sent from Connecticut where it was forwarded). Oh to have so much fun...