Thursday, October 11, 2012

Zeising Anchorage - at anchor

Good winds!
We left Pamlico Plantation heading east and found a 10 to 15 kt wind off the port forward quarter, perfect for making time to our next anchorage. With that luck, we sailed about 3/4 of the way and only had to motor the last few miles into the anchorage. Wind power is a lot cheaper than diesel!

Zeisings' House on the ICW - Hoolie loves it!
The official name of the anchorage is the "Lower Spring Creek" anchorage. It lies right in front of Bill and Pat's house on the ICW. They are away for a week or so in Europe but they let us use their dinghy dock for Hoolie relief and even gave us homemade crab cakes!! Pat catches the crabs off her dock and prepares the crab cakes with no fillers, just crab meat, nothing else! Boy are they good!

After days of gray clouds, a beautiful sunset!
I don't know why more people don't use this anchorage. It's perfectly protected from all points of the compass except the east and tonight there's no wind from any direction. The charts don't show enough depth for sailboats but the charts are wrong. I sounded out the entire area and there's plenty of depth if you know the way in (average of 7 to 8 ft) - which I posted on Active Captain.

We're off to Adams Creek tomorrow, crossing the Neuse River with favorable winds per the prediction. We'll anchor out again with a nearby beach for Hoolie.