Monday, October 22, 2012

Charleston Maritime Center - Ann goes to Urgent Care

Bob & Nina Huether - sold their house to live full-time on their boat!
Ann has had a bad cough now for a week and a half. She had no fever and no runny nose but a hacking cough. Given that it wasn't getting any better, she gave in and went to an Urgent Care center nearby. The doctor examined her and listened to her chest. No pneumonia symptoms like last time in Key West, just an irritation of the  bronchial tubes. For that he prescribed several medicines to lessen the inflammation and she's on them now. She sounds better already.

There're used to unload the ocean going boats - towering over other buildings
Along the way we met a taxi driver that was a New York policeman for 20 years and retired back to his home town of Charleston. He gets a kick out of the cop shows centered around NYC that always show the policemen speaking either non-accented English or with a Bronx drawl. Nothing could be further from the truth according to the retired cop. The locker room was full of dialects from all over the country. He had a definite southern turn to his own words!

Speaking of meeting people, a couple dropped by this afternoon that sold their house and are now living full time on their Island Packet 38 ft boat. Whenever we had fantasized about doing that we could never figure out what to do with all our stuff of 45 years?? Our kids have their own furniture already and we sure wouldn't want to pay for storage for stuff we'd never use again - and yet there are memories we could never part with. So we've just put off any thought of that path and continue to maintain, in effect, two households. The couple we met, Bob & Nina Huether (in photo) have solved that problem, hummm.

On Tuesday we're off to the Steamboat Creek anchorage. It's another Hoolie stop complete with a dock for easy on and off for the dog. It's the beginning of the grasslands part of the passage - as far as the eye can see - wilderness, pretty.


mcnaughton24 said...

I call dibs on the family room couch!! And brown spinning chair...and the tv. :-)