Saturday, August 2, 2008

Southwest Harbor - Richard Arrives

Ann's cousin Richard arrived today. He spent a week with us last year and he's back for another visit. However, the weather is not cooperating, more fog. We put in more sections of our enclosure so we're comfy but we wished it was sunny. To cheer us up, we visit Beal's Lobster Pound again and gorged ourselves with lobster - such is our sacrifice to the weather. Ann and I had 1.5 lb lobsters but Richard picked a 2.5 lb for his meal (in photo) along with a pound of steamers.

While we were there we saw how the locals dock a boat when there are 12 foot tides!

We filled up with groceries for the week with Richard so we're all set, all we need is good weather. Sunday is predicted to be no better but Monday is supposed to be clear so we plan on exploring the LL Bean outlet on Sunday and the surrounding area. We are definitely heading west, not east. It's warmer in that direction and that means less fog.

We are surrounded by Hinckley sailboats, I counted 14 within sight. The one in the photo was right next to us. They all have a certain look, just beautiful.