Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mackerel Cove on Swan Island

Maine has turned cold. It rained during the night and this morning it was gray and overcast. We started out after breakfast with the side panels on which sure keeps the cockpit warmer in the colder weather. I wish we had the enclosure for our overnighter last year, it would have made the sessions at the wheel much easier to endure.

We headed down Eggemoggin Reach and encountered more rain but made it to Mackerel Cove by noon. The sun came out briefly, enough to warm the cockpit via a solar heating effect through the plastic so we set out in the dink to take advantage while it lasted. We dinked over to the ferry landing with the intention of seeing the museum but learned that it had burned down a couple of weeks ago from a lightning strike! We did see the ferry from Mt Desert come in (photo). Oh well, we returned to the dink and just went sight-seeing along the shore. It's currently 58F at 8:15 pm (update, 55F in the morning!), much cooler than our experience in July, hopefully it will warm up for the Bunches and the Mehaffeys. Tomorrow we head for Northeast Harbor and a going away dinner for Richard.