Friday, August 15, 2008

Opechee Island Anchorage

The morning was foggy but the sun came out and gave a beautiful cast to everything. The water was perfectly still and gave a mirror image to everything in it. The windjammer next door was reflected so well that when we took the photo it was not apparent which side was the real up. Slowly the fog dissipated and we headed east to Opechee via Eggemoggin Reach. The sun was full in the sky as the fog disappeared and we were in shirt sleeves, it was warm in the cockpit. As we exited the Reach, we put up sails for the rest of the trip to the anchorage.

The lobster pots were interesting since the current was at right angles to our path so the line between a lobster buoy and its toggle was strung across our bow like the chain across the Hudson in colonial time to keep out the British. Some of the lines were 30 to 50 feet long and you had to be careful to pass them down-current or you would be swept into the "trap". I managed to find one buoy which we drug for about 100 feet but it finally came off (whew!) When I passed closer than I intended to a buoy, I had to "bend" around it as the current swept me into it. One time as I successfully executed the maneuver, winding up 90 degrees to my previous path as I "bent", a lobster boat came up directly behind me to service the buoy, it belonged to him. It would have been very embarrassing to hook the buoy right in front of the owner!

On the way down Eggemoggin Reach, Ann snapped a photo of the mountains surrounding Penobscot Bay. We anchored in Opechee an watched the fog roll in, a pretty sight but we're hoping for clear weather tomorrow for our run into Southwest Harbor where the Bunches will depart. We have one more day for the Maine Fog Championships! (in bridge)