Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rockland to pickup the Mehaffeys

The sky was overcast but the clouds parted long enough for Ann to take a sunrise photo. There were threatening clouds from the cold front that came through last night so we weighed anchor and motored towards Rockland. Once through the Fox Island Thorofare we could see Rockland in the distance backed by a dark cloud bank. Looking at the radar, we could see the rain approaching but we had the enclosure installed so as the rain started, we stayed dry. However, coming to our marina where we had a dock, it was time for full rain gear for me as Ann docked the boat.

The Mehaffeys arrived later and we went to Camden for shopping and dinner at Peter Ott's which was very good. The rain had stopped by late afternoon but the evening had turned much cooler. The Smiling Cow had a porch overlooking Camden harbor which I used for a photo op.
We're headed for Seal Cove that's without internet coverage so we'll be out of touch for awhile again but Spot will still give our positions as we sail for those interested.