Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pickering Cove on Deer Island

A front came through last night and overnight the winds changed to out of the north but the anchorage was calm. We saw a tug that seemed to be headed right for us. I got on the radio to see if he wanted us to do something (I was still anchored at the time) but he stopped to switch the tow position from in front to pushing. He was towing a rig that was made to put in pilings. Well, he missed us so we went to pull the anchor. As it came up, I found it was hooked on a chain! The chain was laying on the bottom and the anchor had snagged it. What was the chain doing on the bottom?? At any rate, the gaff hook given to us by the Fitchetts saved the day! I was able to pull the chain high enough to free the anchor with the gaff hook (the boat hook was not sturdy enough).

Once free of the chain, we sailed all the way to our next anchorage at Pickering Cove, no diesel wasted on us today! One of the many Maine windjammers sailed by, a beautiful sight! I did manage to hook a lobster buoy on the rudder but it came off as we continued forward, luckily. It's a great anchorage, pretty and with typical Maine islands all around. We had strippers for dinner that Richard caught so they were fresh and were just great. Nice time in Maine.