Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still at Seal Bay

It rained all last night and all morning. The seals still came out to "sun" themselves on the rocks but all they got was rain! The rain finally abated by mid afternoon but it was still overcast with no wind. The Afternoon Lies predicts wind out of the west tonight of 10 to 15 with gusts to 20kts! I'll believe it when I see it. Since they are predicted to come too late for us to sail by, they are probably right this time!

The bad weather prompted a morning of bridge playing, adding to the "Maine Fog Championships" scoring. At least we are eating well. We'll have a roast pork tonight with all the trimmings with wine and cheese on the back of the boat. The side curtains we had made this year work wonderfully in keeping the cockpit dry and warm. With winds out of the west predicted for tomorrow (ha!) we'll sail north in Penobscot Bay, a broad reach direction, we'll see.
At least the sun almost came out at the end of the day! (but not quite)