Friday, August 22, 2008

Opechee Island Anchorage

The day broke with full sun again, no fog. In fact, we've seen no fog since the Mehaffeys arrived! We had breakfast in the cockpit again and then dinked to the island for some hiking. We had met the owner previously and we were invited to take the hiking trails "at the end of the anchorage". Well, finding the start of the trail was not so easy. We went along the entire length of the beach before returning to the dink only to find the entrance point close to where we started out, marked by a distinctive green rock. We found the trail marked by blazes and easily followed. One trail led to Porpoise Point but ran out of time.

Returning to the beach we decided to dink out to Porpoise Point to see what we missed by not going to the end of the trail. Once in the area, we noticed a porpoise (!) rolling nearby. We gave chase for awhile but then decided to just cut the motor to see what the porpoise would do. Well, he was interested and came to inspect us! He passed right under the dink three times! We could see him clearly in the water rolling on his side so he could get a good look out of one eye at this strange invader. I made a movie with my camera but it's 220 Mbytes. Regardless, I will load it on the internet for anyone interested to download when I get an internet connection allowing such an upload. The movie shows the porpoise rolling around the boat and passing under the dink multiple times, great!

Finally, we left the anchorage under power since there was only 5 kts of wind. We motored down Eggemoggin Reach but at the end of the reach the winds picked up and we sailed the rest of the way to the Opechee Island anchorage. On the way we passed several windjammers. There were two on opposite tacks when one of the windjammers did a 180 and raced the other one for several miles, overtaking his rival. It was a grand sight with two windjammers in full sail! We had full sun the entire day, such good weather!