Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holbrook Harbor

At last the sun! We awoke to glorious sunshine and we celebrated with breakfast in the warm, sunlit cockpit. The wind was predicted to be out of the west which would be perfect for a broad reach north but as we pulled out of the bay, the wind direction was from the southeast! The Morning Lies broadcast once again earned its name. However, we still made our way north and the sun was full in the cockpit as we enjoyed the sparkling views of the surrounding islands. In all we sailed north for over 20 miles - we used no fossil fuels, a "low carbon footprint" day!
We anchored at Holbrook Island harbor which is in the northern part of Penobscot Bay. Generally, it's warmer and has less fog than the lower part of the bay since it's surrounded on three sides by land. The harbor is protected on all sides, a great place for a storm.
Ann added to her collection of sunset photos, she does a good job at it.