Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Cove in Blue Hill Bay

Finally the fog broke and we saw sunshine! There was still fog visible on the southern horizon over the ocean but we were clear. After buying ice and leaving the car keys with the boat house attendant, we headed out. There was much wind but we were in no hurry so we ambled along at 3 to 4 kts headed west. We aimed for Great Cove in Blue Hill Bay. Looking west we saw blue sky but looking east there was nothing for angry looking clouds. It was as if Mt Desert was the dividing point between good weather and bad.

On we sailed at our leisurely 4 kts until we lost the wind entirely around 2:00 when we motored the rest of the way into our anchorage. As it turned out, we were the only one in the anchorage and we have full protection from the predicted north winds although there's only abut 4 kts of wind at the moment. With steak grilled on the BBQ, we had a wonderful dinner looking at Mt Desert in the background with the clouds in the distance marching by, just wonderful.