Friday, August 29, 2008

Boothbay on Friday

It was overcast in the morning so we decided to do laundry, not very exciting but necessary. I looked for a copper ring gasket for the genset hotwater cap and found one at the local hardware store. Somehow the gasket that was supposed to be in place had disappeared. However, even with the gasket in place, it still seeped some coolant out. Later in the day I found a fiber gasket that hopefully will work better since it's more compliant. We'll see in the morning.

Meanwhile, the sun came out and the day turned out to be quite nice. We took a long stroll around Boothbay and stopped at the local fishmarket at the coop and bought fresh haddock. We just wandered around the shops and eventually returned to the boat for wine at our usual 5:00 happy hour time. Ann prepared the haddock and it was the best fish I've had in a long time. Nothing beats freshness (caught the same day!) We sat on the back of the boat watching the evening come for the next two hours. The windjammers returned from their sunset cruises, the whale watch boat returned, the water taxi came back, it was interesting with the parade of boats off our stern.

This is the second year we've been to Maine for the summer and we've enjoyed this trip as much as the last one, it doesn't get old. To those of you who haven't retired yet, the wait is worth it! To be able to cruise with no schedule, no timetable of returning other than sometime before the onset of winter, it's great and worth planning for. I would recommend it highly. Your priorities are reset after the experience like Ann had two years ago, chemo and radiation works but it was a trying time. Enjoy the present, always.