Thursday, August 14, 2008

Northwest Harbor on Deer Island

The morning was foggy but it retreated as the sun rose in the sky. After a blueberry pancake breakfast, we headed out. There was enough wind for a lazy sail pointing south. The fog returned but we didn't mind as long as we could sail. With the radar, we could always tell when another boat was nearby and as it turned out we were out in the fog by ourselves except for the occasional lobster boat. As the day worn on, the fog gradually lifted.

We sailed on to Northwest Harbor on the west shore of Deer Island. It's not a popular anchorage so we thought we would have it all to ourselves. However, a windjammer sailed in too and anchored right next to us! On the water, boats appear a lot closer than they really are. The windjammer appeared to be on our doorstep. Among our crew, the estimates ranged from 100 feet to 200 feet for the distance to our new neighbor. Having done this before, I estimated 200 feet but several of the crew thought 100 was more realistic. With the radar as our measuring tool, the windjammer was actually 210 feet away! Ann and I have seen this effect in our previous anchorage. Looking from your boat, the other boats appear to be too close. When in a dink and looking at both boats from the side, it's apparent that the distance is much further than it appeared to be from the vantage point of your own boat.
The harbor faces northwest (surprise..) and has great views of the setting sun, Ann snapped this photo.