Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bass Harbor - The Bunches Leave

We awoke to a deep fog, we couldn't even see the neighboring boats - and then it rained. We spent the morning playing bridge with the Bunches with Don continuing his streak of corralling all the high cards. Objectively I know that cards have no memory and that every hand is independent of previous hands as far as point count is concerned but it sure doesn't seem that way subjectively. At any rate we continued to provide a forum for Don to show off his aptitude for collecting aces, kings and queens.

At least the rain cleared the fog out so we weighed anchor and headed for Bass Harbor. We had intended to pick up a mooring in Southwest Harbor but the fog banks we saw in that direction discouraged us from that endeavor. Bass Harbor is on the west side of Mt. Desert and out of the fog, so far. Off we headed across the bay and picked up a Morris Yachts mooring just as the fog returned! LL Bean sponsors a free trolley that goes all over Mt Desert with one stop being Southwest Harbor where the Bunches had parked so they could retrieve their car.

It was time for our once a week grocery and laundry run after which the Bunches offered to take us out to dinner. Looking at the fog I decided to take along a GPS and leave the lights on our boat even though we were only 500 feet off the docks, better safe than sorry I thought. It was still light after dinner but growing darker. Returning to Morris Yachts, we couldn't see our boat! I turned on our GPS where I had stored a waypoint to mark the location of our boat. Ann held the GPS and pointed in the direction it indicated as we headed out into the thickening fog. We finally saw our boat when we got within 50 feet, good thing we had our GPS! We're supposed to have a west wind tomorrow according to the Evening Lies.

More rounds of bridge ended the evening (Don continued to enjoy his cards) and after totalling the results the home team conceded. Oh well, there's always next year.