Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pickering Island Anchorage

When we were filling up at Billings Marina, I helped a man with a small powerboat come into the fuel dock. As he was filling up, we started talking and he introduced himself as the owner of Pickering Island and invited us to come by to try the hiking trails. With that invitation, we headed for the anchorage this morning. The day broke with bright sunshine and a warm cockpit where we ate breakfast. There wasn't a lot of wind but we had 5 to 8kts, enough to drive us north. We stopped over at Barred Island with the osprey nest for lunch. The youngster was still in the nest (we were there last week) and being fed by the parents. We snapped a photo of the young osprey.

After lunch and lots of photos, we resumed our sail north to Pickering. We anchored off by our self. There is something about the "herding instinct" in anchoring. Boats seem drawn to your boat even though there's lots of room in the anchorage. One came in and anchored right in front of us! I stood on the bow and glared, a dinghy came over from the boat and a discussion ensured about how close they were. They finally reanchored about 70 feet in front of another boat (but far from us)! All this in an anchorage about 1000 feet square at least.

We had grilled chicken as the sun set in a rosy sky and a windjammer cruised by in Eggemoggin Reach, beautiful!