Saturday, August 30, 2008

Boothbay on Saturday

We awoke to a banging on the hull and found out that a lobsterman had put a buoy right next to our mooring and the buoy was hitting the hull! We have found that lobster buoys often litter the mooring fields throughout Maine. The lobsterman lobby is powerful in Maine, nobody messes with them! So while Ann make a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, I tracked the buoy as it crisscrossed under the hull. Luckily, the buoy floated enough that it never submerged under the hull, it bobbed around the aft section as the boat moved to current and wind. I dinked in to complain to the Tugboat Inn mooring person and he came out and heaved the buoy into his tender and pulled the lobster trap about 50 feet away, problem solved. He didn't consult with the owner of the lobster trap so I guess this happens with some frequency. Meanwhile, the whale watching boat came by for their morning run out to sea. We get a first row seat since we're at the outer edge of the mooring field. The photo at right is of outer harbor, we're closer in than this but it's a good view of the approach to Boothbay.

We went in later in the morning to see a local art show on the docks. The paintings were all photo realistic watercolors but rather unexciting, they were like photos. It reminded me of the Wyett show we saw in Rockland. The paintings by Wyett were outstanding. He was good with technique of course but he was better in composition. Other artists in the same show had similarly good technique but they did not have the composition! Wyett's paintings always had that something extra that set him apart. Objectively, the scenes were of ordinary views around the Olson house but the results were memorable due to how he presented his point of view. We strolled along the road and came across this patch of unusual mushrooms typical of Maine....

Across the harbor we returned to the Lobster Coop and had the best lobster rolls in Maine again. There's a whole lobster in each roll but the signs remind you to not leave your food unguarded for an instant. A seagull was nearby just waiting for the opportunity to snatch your dinner! With wine on the back of the boat, we closed out another perfect day.